Nudell, MS, NRP Nikiah

Nikiah "Nick" Nudell, MS, NRP

Chief Data Officer

Name:Nikiah "Nick" Nudell, MS, NRP
Date of birth:November 28, 1973
Address:739 W Bel Esprit Cir, San Marcos, CA, 92069, USA
Phone:(760) 405-6869
Email:[email protected]
I’ve spent more than 23 years working as an ambitious and tenacious yet visionary information systems strategist. My focus has largely been on improving health care systems with mHealth and HealthIT technologies and through innovative approaches to knowledge discovery and management. For me, it is not about ‘the data’, rather it is about using information to make sense of patterns, and to understand the relationships between different issues allowing users to make better decisions. This means that one size does not fit all and specific challenges demand precise solutions.

Todd Stout – Founder & President

Todd Stout – Founder & President

Nick is a great guy, with a great combination of EMS and technical experience. Nick was an important and integral part of of our customer’s team and was easy to work with during the sales and implementation processes for getting FirstWatch implemented and live for the City and County of San Francisco.

Todd was a contractor to Nick at San Francisco EMS Agency.

Jeani Van Someren – Performance-Driven...

I had the opportunity, although short, to work with Nick on the California Hospital Council’s Emergency Preparedness Task Force. Nick’s creativity, resourcefulness and ability to integrate strong and often opposing opinions made working with him a pleasure. Nick was inclusive, sensitive, diligent and respectful and achieved desired outcomes in a timely manner. With effective listening and communication skills, the ability to work collaboratively, expertise in emergency management systems, and a good sense of humor, I would look forward to working with him again.


Jeani was with another company when working with Nick at San Francisco EMS Agency.

Michael Petrie – EMS Bureau Chief

Nikiah was a detail oriented, technically competent, and self motivated employee.


Michael managed Nick at San Francisco EMS Agency.

Bill Camarda – Managing EMS Officer

Nick is one of the foremost minds and thinkers in the prehospital and greater medical fields. It was an honor to work with Nick and get to know him during his tenure at RWJUH. Nick is professional, knowledgeable, innovative, and shows great compassion and concern for customers, coworkers, furthering EMS as a profession, and in building consensus. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Nick again in the future.


Bill worked directly with Nick at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital



Problem solving is not about data, it is about...

I’ve spent more than 23 years working as an ambitious and tenacious yet visionary information systems strategist. My focus has largely been on improving health care systems with mHealth and HealthIT technologies and through innovative approaches to knowledge discovery and management.

For me, it is not about ‘the data’, rather it is about using information to make sense of patterns, and to understand the relationships between different issues allowing users to make better decisions. This means that one size does not fit all and specific challenges demand precise solutions.


Aug 2015 - present

Doctoral School

D.Sc. Information Systems - Analytics and Decision Support

Dakota State University (Expected 2018).

May 2011 - May 2013

Graduate School

MS - Computer Information Systems - Information Security

Boston University.

May 2005 - May 2011

Undergraduate Schooling

BA - Management with concentration in Information Technology
  • Golden Gate University. Deans List recognition for academic achievements, Invited to Honors Society.
  • Montana State University College of Technology – Great Falls. NREMT-Paramedic Curriculum.
  • Walla Walla Community College. John Deere Agricultural Science.

Professional Memberships & Committees

Professional Memberships

2016 – Present. Society of Decision Professionals.
2016 – Present. Society for Community Research and Action.
2016 – Present. Paramedic Chiefs of Canada.
2016 – Present. National Association of EMS Physicians. Committees: Community Paramedicine, Quality Improvement, Rural EMS, Wilderness EMS, Research, Standards & Clinical Practice.
2016 – Present. Decision Sciences Institute.
2016 – Present. American Evaluation Association. Disaster and Emergency Management Evaluation; Social Network Analysis; Data Visualization and Reporting; Health Evaluation; Community Psychology.
2016 – Present. American Association for Public Opinion Research. Pacific Chapter.
2015 – Present. Association for Information Systems. IT in Health Care (SIGHealth).
2015 – Present. AcademyHealth.
2013 – Present. Wilderness Medical Society.
2012 – Present. SAE – International.
2012 – Present. Health Level Seven International (HL7).
2012 – Present. American Trail Running Association.
2011 – Present. INFORMS. Transportation Science & Logistics Society. Decision Analysis Society. Information Systems Society. Transportation Science and Logistics Society – TS Intelligent Trans Systems.
2008 – Present. Health Information & Management Systems Society.
2003 – Present. National EMS Management Association.
2000 – Present. National Association of EMT’s.



Selected manuscripts in refereed journals
1. Rice DT, Nudell NG, Habrat DA, Smith JE, Ernest EV. CPR Induced Consciousness It’s Time for Sedation Protocols for this Growing Population. Resuscitation. (2016),
2. Nudell N, Rice D, Gale JA, Wingrove GW. Rural acute myocardial infarction survey. International Paramedic Practice. 2013 Jan 1;2(1), 169-175.
3. Ellestad MH, Messenger J, Montgomery B, Nudell N, Narula J. Intracardiac Electrogram and Ischemia Alert. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 2012 Feb 7;59(6):631-3.
4. Lerner EB, Schwartz RB, Coule PL, Weinstein ES, Cone DC, Hunt RC, Sasser SM, Liu JM, Nudell NG, et al. Science and Evidence-based Considerations for Fulfilling the SALT Triage Framework—Lerner et al Reply. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 2010;4(01):12-.
5. Lerner EB, Schwartz RB, Coule PL, Weinstein ES, Cone DC, Hunt RC, Sasser SM, Liu JM, Nudell NG, et al. Lerner et al reply. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 2010;4(1).
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8. Lerner EB, Schwartz RB, Coule PL, Weinstein ES, Cone DC, Hunt RC, Sasser SM, Liu JM, Nudell NG, et al. Mass casualty triage: an evaluation of the data and development of a proposed national guideline. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. 2008;2(S1):S25-S34.


Selected commissioned reports
1. Nudell N, Wingrove G, Patterson DG, Robinson-Montera A. Emergency Medical Services Data for Performance Measurement: Data Quality Assessment and Recommendations. Washington, DC: National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Sep 2014.
2. Wingrove G, Nudell N, Womble M. Otoe County EMS System Assessment, Nebraska, Jul 2013.
3. Wingrove G, Nudell N, Murray J. Cass County EMS System Assessment, Nebraska, Jun 2013.
4. Wingrove G, Nudell N. Hamilton County EMS System Assessment, Nebraska, Jan 2013.
5. Nudell N, Becknell J, Reinert A. A Crisis and Crossroad in Rural North Dakota Emergency Medical Services, North Dakota, Jun 2011.
6. Becknell J, Nudell N, Reinert A. The Rural Ambulance Service Leader›s Survival Guide – Nine Questions Every Rural Ambulance Service Leader Should Ask, North Dakota, Jun 2011.
7. Becknell J, Nudell N, Reinert A. The Impact of Oil and Energy Development on on Out-Of-Hospital Emergency Medical Services, North Dakota, Jun 2011.
8. Nudell N, Wingrove G, Becknell J, Reinert A. North Dakota Rural EMS Improvement Project, North Dakota, Jun 2011.
9. Nudell N, Wingrove G, Becknell J, Reinert A. Pembina County EMS Assessment, North Dakota, May 2011.
10. Sandy C, Nudell N, Wingrove G, Becknell J, Reinert A. An Introdution to Rural EMS Medical Direction in North Dakota, North Dakota, Apr 2011.
11. Nudell N, Wingrove G. How Good Is Your Ambulance Service? A Basic Quality Kit for Rural North Dakota Ambulance Services, North Dakota, Apr 2011.
12. Wingrove G, Murray J, Nudell N, Becknell J, Reinert A. Boone County EMS System Assessment, Nebraska, Sep 2009.
13. Wingrove G, Murray J, Nudell N, Becknell J, Reinert A. City of Bridgeport EMS System Assessment, Nebraska, Aug 2009.
14. Nudell N. Idaho EMS Physician Commission Standards Manual. Approved under state law 2006.
15. Nudell N, Wingrove G, Patterson PD. A Patient Tracking Demonstration And Evaluation Project. Florida Department of Health, Division of Emergency Medical Operations, Office of Emergency Operations, Orlando, Jun 2006. [LINK]


Selected articles in trade journals
1. Nudell N. The birth of a performance measure., May 2016.
2. Nudell N. How EMS is impacted by in-home caregivers’ use of digital info., Feb 2015.
3. Nudell N. Why EMS Belongs In The Federal Health IT Plan., Dec 2014.
4. Hoffman MH, Nudell NG, Berry J. Introduction to the Ultra Medical Team. National Association of EMS Physicians Newsletter, Sep 2014.
5. Nudell N, Case Studies: How The Power of Data Can Transform EMS. EMS World. (August 2013).

Invited Talks


  • American Ambulance Association. St. Louis, MO-EMS Compass Initiative.

  • HIE in EMS Summit 2014, Los Angeles, CA – HIE designed for EMS use.

  • EMS Today. 2013, Washington, DC-EMS Leadership Getting More From Less: How To Use Data in Your CAD and ePCR to Improve Operational and Clinical Performance. 2015, Washington, DC-EMS Performance Measures Project. 2016, Baltimore, MD-EMS Compass Town Hall Meeting: How Performance Measures Could Transform EMS.

  • EMS World. 2013, Las Vegas, NV-How To Use Data to Improve Clinical Performance. 2015, Las Vegas, NV-Town Hall Meeting: Building Performance Measures and Why the Future of EMS Depends On It. Integrated Healthcare Forum Session Moderator: How Technology Is Transforming Integrated Healthcare.

  • Foothills and Mile High RETAC ePCR Vendor Expo. 2015, Denver, CO-EMS Compass Initiative.

  • Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS). 2015, Chicago, IL- Disaster Data Challenges: Don›t let data become part of the disaster.

  • Idaho Preparedness Conference. 2006, Burley, ID-Multiple Patient Incident Response Planning.

  • Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies (iCERT). 2015, Milipitas, CA-Forum on Cyber & ICT Security for Emergency Calling and Communications – Leveraging Secure Cloud Services for First Responder Networks.

  • International Association of EMS Chiefs. 2013, Washington, DC-Leveraging Data for Results!

  • Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports Conference. 2015, Squaw Valley, CA-The Medical Kit Workshop; Ultra Medical Team Executive Director’s and CMO’s Perspective.

  • mHealth Summit. 2015, Washington, DC-Evolving EMS: Implications of Mobile Technology.

  • National Association of City and County Health Officials/Association of State and Territorial Health Officials. 2006, Washington DC-Session Moderator: Remote Control: Preparedness Challenges and Successes in Rural Areas.

  • National Association of EMS Physicians. 2015, New Orleans, LA-QI Committee Discussion of EMS Performance Measures.

  • National Association of State EMS Officials. 2013, Nashville, TN-Health Information Exchange and EMS Data. 2014, Orlando, FL-Health Information Exchange. 2015, New Orleans, LA-Medical Director›s Council-EMS Compass Introduction. San Antonio, TX-EMS Compass Initiative. 2015, Louisville, KY-How Technology Will Shape EMS: Introducing EMS 3.0.

  • National EMS Information System. 2015, Park City, UT-EMS Compass Initiative.

  • National EMS Management Association. 2005, Orlando, FL-Integrated Information Technology.

  • National Rural Health Association Resources Center. 2014, Washington, DC-PIPSAA Overview.

  • Oregon EMS Conference. 2015, Salem, OR-EMS Compass Initiative. PIMP My Agency: How to future proof your EMS agency. Ultra Medical Care.

  • Pinnacle EMS. 2011, Miami, FL-Integrating Automated Data Into Your QA Process. 2012, Colo. Springs., CO-Is your ePCR System Living up to its Billing? 2015, Jacksonville, FL-Why Standard Performance Measures Matter More Than Ever.

  • WAVE. 2015, Austin, TX -The EMS Compass Initiative.

  • ZOLL Summit. 2015, Broomfield, CO-How Technology Will Shape a Totally New Experience for EMS – Introducing EMS 3.0, Designing Performance Measures for the Future of EMS. 2016, Broomfield, CO-Finding the answers that are right under your feet!

Secondary & Continuing Education

Paramedic & Public Safety

2000 – Basic Firefighter Training. Valier Volunteer Fire Department.
2001 – Emergency Response to Terrorism. US Department of Homeland Security.
2001 – Integrated Emergency Management. US Department of Homeland Security.
2002 – University of Maryland Baltimore County CCEMT-Paramedic. Mountain Plains Health Consortium.
2002 – Montana Reserve Sheriff Deputy training. Glacier County Sheriff’s Office.
2004 – Advanced Concepts of OB Transports. OB Stat High Risk Maternal Transport Team Education.
2005 – EMS Instructor Training (NAEMSE). WestMed College.
2005 – NIMS 700. US Department of Homeland Security.
2005 – Mass Fatality Program Instructor Trainer. US Department of Homeland Security.
2005 – WMD Standardized Awareness Level Trainer. US Department of Homeland Security.
2005 – ICS 100. US Department of Homeland Security.


Quality & Compliance Training
2005 – Six Sigma Yellow Belt – Integral Performance Solutions.
2006 – Six Sigma Green Belt- Integral Performance Solutions.
2015 – Human Subjects Research – Social-Behavioral-Educational. CITI Program.


MOOC Coursework
2016 – Coursera – Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach; Introduction to Recommender Systems.
2016 – EdX – Practical Improvement Science in Health Care: A Roadmap for Getting Results; Foundations of Data Analysis; Introduction to R Programming.

Career Highlights

May 2000 - present

The Paramedic Foundation, Inc. (501c3)

Founding Board Member - Chief Data Officer

Architect and engineer of numerous performance improvement initiatives for complex social determinants of health, public health, system evaluation, and health policy issues with a special focus on the particular needs of rural and remote areas.

Manage grant portfolio including applications for multi-year programs exceeding $500,000 annually.

Responsible for information system strategy, data analytics, modeling, visualization, knowledge discovery, and story telling.
Founder and director of:

  • Ultra Medical Team – develop evidence based guidelines & curriculum for ultra-endurance sports including managing more than 150 medical volunteers across the country.
  • ParamediCon – a new approach to conferences, education, and networking for the paramedic profession.
  • Paramedic Information Privacy, Security, and Assurance Alliance (PIPSAA) – to develop information system curriculum, training & certification for paramedic services.
  • ProjectFRED – to further the profession of paramedicine by promoting research, mentorship, and international collaboration to identify and define the paramedic body of knowledge.

Principal Investigator for:

  • Emergency Medical Services Data for Performance Measurement project contracted with NHTSA.
  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Evaluating High-Value Innovations from Low-Resource Communities project in collaboration with Glacier County EMS and the University of Washington Department of Family Medicine.
Jan 2000 - present

Glacier County EMS

Critical Care Paramedic
  • Paramedic. Humboldt General Hospital. Black Rock City (Burning Man)/Winnemucca, NV 2014-Present
  • Per Diem Paramedic. Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. New Brunswick, NJ 2008-2009
  • EMT-B Volunteer. Pondera County Ambulance. Valier, MT. 1999-2000


  • Actively volunteered for projects, including large station addition construction.
  • Created and maintained a public website and vehicle maintenance and equipment check sheets.
  • Developed agency activity reporting mechanisms, collecting and analyzing data for presentation.
  • Effectively led new employees and monitored the performance of First Responders, EMT partners, and Paramedic Interns, approving all new hires for permanent employment status.
  • Managed agency supply inventory including organization, tracking, and ordering of supplies.
  • Performed needs assessment for critical care equipment then presented to a local corporation who then donated $10,000 for the purchase of needed equipment.
  • Provided customer service, marketing, and community education.
  • Provided leadership for a committee providing training and continuing education in many venues.

Patient Care

  • Provide patient care in 911 responses, interfacility and regional ground transport in remote, rural, and urban settings.

Quality Assurance

  • Participated as an active leader of the agency’s Quality Improvement Committee providing problem solving for improved clinical care.
Jul 2015 - present

Idaho State University

Adjunct Instructor
  • Develop & deliver EMS 3310: EMS Development and Strategic Planning distance undergraduate course.
Feb 2011 - Feb 2014

FirstWatch Solutions, Inc.

System Integration Manager
  • Providing excellent customer service and support, project management, pre-sales engineering, and developing a next generation semi-automated data mining and quality improvement system for Emergency Medical Service patient care records.
Jun 2005 - Feb 2011

AngelMed, Inc.

Senior Field Clinical Engineer

Product Development

  • Author intellectual property for novel concepts including drafting of new patent applications.

  • Demonstrate technical leadership by providing input on product ideas, performance, competitive position, developments and therapeutic trends.

  • Lead clinical verification and validation activities for devices and algorithms.

  • Perform basic research for intellectual property concepts in conjunction with researchers.

  • Share knowledge gained with customers and colleagues for new product design control.

Clinical Trial Management

  • Develop clinical strategy to support 1,000+ patient/50 site pivotal trial for IDE of novel implantable cardiac device. Also developed site initiation, clinical trial protocols, eCRFs, and SOPs responses to formal FDA questions and authored IDE progress report submissions.

  • Liaison with CRO, monitors, and site staff to ensure study compliance with FDA regulations, IRB approvals, study protocols, and clinical SOPs through initial feasibility and pivotal studies.

  • Maintain the control of inventory throughout the clinical process. Recommending, implementing, and evaluating improvements at all centers.

  • Provide 24/7 technical support for clinical procedures including implants, follow-up visits and troubleshooting difficult cases. This includes direct patient contact in the hospital and clinic settings in many states.

  • Provide training for clinical personnel on protocol, clinical process, products, and applications.

  • Recruited, selected, trained, and managed clinical affairs staff of seven in a decentralized environment across several states under GCP.

Quality Assurance

  • Utilize Six Sigma to identify and solve complex problems and develop optimal process or product performance.

  • Perform product and process investigations to determine root causes and identify solutions.

Jan 2006 - Apr 2007

Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare EMS Bureau

Regional Ops Manager

Industry Leadership

  • Consulted for local EMS agencies, fire protection districts, and county commissioners providing sophisticated system assessments and recommendations for improvement.
  • Designed an innovative hospital bed tracking system named the Web Enabled Resource Tracking (WERT) system with a federally funded budget of $600,000. The WERT system will provide electronic hospital bed tracking and ESAR-VHP compliant personnel credentialing.
  • Designed a unique collaborative research and development program to integrate rural EMS providers with Critical Access Hospital programs.
  • Representative to several national working groups including the CDC funded Terrorism Injuries Information Data Exchange project.

Program Management

  • Developed multi-year strategic plan and directed work plans for section staff including business process analysis for more than a dozen processes and the reorganization of regional office responsibilities.
  • Directed regular staff of ten and per diem staff of 200+ in five regional offices including supervisory, human resources, and payroll with a direct budget exceeding $600,000.
  • Established certification, licensure, education, and EMS system standards.
  • Managed the conversion of National Registry examinations to Computer Based Testing including the acquisition and provision of mobile exams in rural areas of the state.
  • Performed Six Sigma projects improving many ‘Critical to Quality’ factors.
  • Provided technical assistance for the startup of the Idaho EMS Physician Commission including the drafting of administrative rules and a comprehensive standards manual.
  • Served as member of the Idaho All Hazards Incident Management Team advisory board.
  • Successfully directed changes to business and operational factors improving Section and Bureau standing among stakeholders in many challenging political environments.
  • Successfully directed many simultaneous project management teams for continuous EMS system development and decentralized Bureau operations.
Sep 2004 - Jan 2006

San Francisco Dept. of Public Health

EMS Agency Specialist, Disaster & Emergency Operations Coordinator

Program Management

  • Developed and revised EMS disaster, MCI, and Emergency Operations Plans, policies, procedures and training guidance for EMS field providers, nursing and medical staffs and led multiple patient incident exercises and drills.

  • Developed, directed, and monitored policy and protocol development and performance standards of large urban EMS System including the providing leadership to EMS officers and chiefs for quality assurance, response plans, problem solving and cultural barriers.

  • Managed the first Disaster Registry Program in the US, providing post-disaster services to vulnerable populations through collaborations with non-profit agencies and volunteer groups.

  • Managed the operational area’s Strategic National Stockpile CHEMPAK program from inception through placement.

  • Provided technical assistance to hospitals, clinics, and EMS providers regarding EMS system development, Emergency Operations Planning, the Incident Command System, and related subjects.

  • Served as subject matter expert for OES Subcommittees, Community Disease Control Bioterrorism Working Group, US Postal Service Bio Detection System Working Group, & Santa Clara County EMS.

  • Simultaneously managed complex programs with individual budgets exceeding $1 million.

Quality Assurance

  • Performed compliance audits in documentation and communication of clinical care standards.

  • Performed strategic planning including matrices and gap-analysis tools for surge capacity, communications, education and regulatory factors for medical and health disaster response.

Jan 2000 - Dec 2002

SPX/Engineering Analysis Associates

Independent Contractor
  • Effectively investigate litigious consumer claims made to automobile manufacturers, Daimler Chrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Daihatsu regarding product performance.
  • Analyze vehicle fire claims, determining fire cause with non-intrusive investigative techniques.
  • Contact consumers, insurance agents, claims adjusters, repair facilities, state fire marshal, local fire departments, local law enforcement, and the Montana Highway Patrol for proper documentation and complete investigation.
  • Determine mechanical failures through intensive mechanical inspections.
  • Efficiently and accurately interview consumers by telephone or in person documenting all claims.
  • Perform advanced accident reconstruction testing for factory engineers, including damage measurements, accident site investigation, and vehicle crash data recorder download.
  • Effectively provided verbal and written communication with factory special investigation representatives in sensitive litigious cases with confidential concerns.
  • Provide complete photographic documentation to factory special investigation departments.
  • Provided services as the only contractor in a 5 state region, with specialized vehicle testing equipment issued.
Jun 1998 - Jan 2000

Lloyd Torgerson, Inc

Service Manager
  • Analyzed department cost centers and revised the company records and bookkeeping practices to better monitor and manage company resources and funds.
  • Created spreadsheets to accumulate and manage data involving department resources and planning creating useful charts and hardcopy for the teams.
  • Coordinated a customer satisfaction survey program and then led a company wide mission to improve customer satisfaction in all departments.
  • Designed an incentive based pay plan that increased employee compensation by more than 30% on average while also increasing employee productivity by more than 35%.
  • Eliminated a $75,000 loss and generated over $150,000 revenue in one cost center in one year, comprising more than 20% of the total departmental revenue in the first year.
  • Established a company brand for local market and Internet marketing campaigns.
  • Facilitated team and departmental meetings to foster improved communications, noticeably improving company and departmental morale.
  • Generated professional opinions for submission to insurance claims adjusters and companies.
  • Originated a team-building plan by studying internal demographics, occupational behavior and operational procedures. Plan was then implemented in team meetings, fostering a strong team atmosphere.
  • Proposed numerous organizational improvements during management meetings, improving company image and morale while strengthening customer loyalty.
  • Scheduled and supervised all departmental employee activities.
Mar 1995 - Jun 1998

Precision Farming Enterprises

Technical Field Engineer


  • Attended national and international trade shows, traveled many states and countries.
  • Developed a successful online marketing campaign called “Partners in Precision”.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Authored online articles as a worldwide correspondent for Successful Farming Magazine’s ‘Ag Online’.
  • Created numerous technical and business manuals for dealer networks.
  • Identified a completely new and untapped market and fostered its development through reeducation programs and by acting as a resource for dealers and growers.


  • Developed short and long-term budgetary and sales projections for international market planning.
  • Established technological sales and marketing techniques including the development of an automated online marketing, ‘e-commerce’, campaign, which resulted in a 35% increase in sales.
  • Fostered the improvement of customer service programs by identifying marketing and service point weaknesses and by leading several extensive, service troubleshooting teams and assignments.
  • Simultaneously managed international vendor relationships, field service and market relationships covering a wide geographic area.

Quality Assurance

  • Performed static and dynamic testing of new technologies within manufacturing timelines.
  • Tested new technologies, ensuring Quality Control in conjunction with manufacturer’s schedules.



California Emergency Medical Services Authority. Paramedic License #P20172. Expired 2013.
Montana State EMS Bureau. EMT Paramedic #PM3052. Expires 3/31/2017.
New Jersey Office of EMS. Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic #3223 Expired 2010.
San Francisco City & County. Paramedic Accreditation #1184. Expired 2005.



ACLS/BLS Healthcare Provider. American Heart Association.
Certified Test Administrator. PearsonVUE.
CCEMT-Paramedic. University of Maryland Baltimore County Dept. of EHS #15715 (Expired).
EMT-Paramedic #P0931478. National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (Expires 3/31/2017).


Automotive & Heavy Duty Truck

All Expired

  • ASE Automotive. Brakes, Electrical/ Electronic Systems, Engine Repair, Engine Performance, Manual Drive Train and Axles, Suspension and Steering.
  • ASE Med./Heavy Truck. Engine Repair, Preventative Maintenance Inspections.
  • Ford Motor Company. Brakes, Electronics, Electrical Systems, Engines, Manual Transmission and Drive Train, Suspension and Steering, Service Bay Diagnostics, Service Writer.
  • Mobile A/C Society. Air Conditioning Service.

Film Credits

Film Credits

  • “Hidalgo”. August 2002 Disney Production. Served as Set Medic for a major motion picture remote site with over 200 crewmembers and actors on set. Largest simultaneous (510 horses) equine release ever in movie production history. Provided set safety consultation to executive and set producers and production staff.
  • “Blinkers On”. December 2000 Tool of North America Honda. Commercial Shoot for the 2001 Super Bowl, from a remote Rocky Mountain location with 8 talent members and over 70 crew members. Served as Production Assistant and Set Medic. Provided traffic control, logistic support, transportation, and local liaison as requested. Environmental conditions were extremely harsh with temperatures ranging from –25F to –15F for the entire shoot.


Photo Gallery

Through this lens you can get a reasonable perspective of what is important to me. I set stretch goals for myself that require hard work to achieve, and then smash through them. Then I show my family how to do the same so that they will change the world and make it a better place for you and I.

These photographs are copyrighted and may not be used without my permission.


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